The intention of this project is to explore how light and darkness can stand together in creating movement using objects of various shapes. Within this process we researched and experimented with how the combination of light and shadows could influence and enrich improvised movement material. Furthermore, we observed how improvisation can serve as raw material in the creation of digital art.

MY SELVES This photocollage was inspired by an earlier experiment with the reflection of shadows (see below: Conversation With My Upside-Down Self). How are you feeling about yourself right now? Are you facing in the right direction? Can you catch the eyes of your reflection? Can you face your thoughts, or are you trapped in their prison?

ENSLAVED BY SHADOWS Our shadows grow with us. Their essence, and source for eternal energy is light: without that, they would not be able to transform, Just like our flesh and bones, we depend on light… What if we are slaves to our shadows?

FORKS OVER KNIVES This collage was composed of and inspired by a few images that we created earlier. The circle could represent the circle of family, the circle of the social structures of marriage and family. Sometimes as new individuals are called to join this circle they are required to fit into the existing structure. The images reflect upon real life situations and on how these individuals might feel in such situations.

LEAN ON ME Sometimes we feel happy but some days we are down and we don’t know where to go next. A helping hand to show the way, a helping hand to guide our steps, a helping hand that holds our hand is all we need when we reach out. In this composition we wanted to represent this idea of the individual feeling down, a desperate hand reaching for help, another hand offering help and finally, the first picture showing a divine hand guiding our steps.

ENCOUNTERING THE FAUN A series of images portraying physical abuse, of different degrees, abuse is abuse, no matter how little. Living in freedom behind invisible bars is never real…

SYMMETRY SERENADE Inspired by Conversation with my upside down self this collage shows an example of how an image can be duplicated, mirrored and modified to create a new reality and a new inspiration for further creation. This collage was made with photoshop using rotation and mirroring. Sometimes we might feel that life is a circus, we are trapped in a circle, and all we can do is juggle endlessly…

MY UPSIDE DOWN SELF On particular afternoons, I love observing myself from another perspective, just to see what we have in common with my other half.

A BOOK I captured the most interesting moments of the video that explored stories of shadows. Here are some images, now write your story…

AN OLD STORY Inspired by the idea of night shadows, we started to experiment further. I tried to find objects that could carry meaning, such as a book or a teddy bear. However, since we all relate to objects in different ways, even an unidentified object could carry meaning. Gestures, interaction with the objects, repetition, accumulation are all ways to create stories through movement.

STREET SHADOWS Shadows are all around. We are constantly surrounded by shadows, there is no way to exist without them. Can you find the beauty of shadows in your daily life? When are you aware of them? We are travelling through our days like dust travels through a ray of light, heading towards the darkness of the night.

DAYLIGHT Natural light does magic sometimes, and the beauty of it is that it cannot be produced at any time, the performer has to wait for the perfect moment. These are shadows found at daylight, but what about night lights?

It was very early in the morning that after a sleepless night I discovered my misty living room bathing in lights, lights, and shadows in a quality that I have not seen before. This is an exploration of shadows, dance, and the union of the two.

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